Berita Sabah


Project IC is a controversial
initiative that involved the granting of citizenship to immigrants (whether
legal or otherwise) in Sabah by giving them the MyKad identity cards. Originally
initiated in late 1990s, the project catered to the evolving electoral patterns
of the Sabah state government.

The idea was to change the demographic pattern of Sabah to make it more favourable to certain political parties, especially with regard to changing the electoral voting patterns. In 2012, former Dewan Rakyat senator and state assemblyman Chong Eng Leong alleged that there were some 700,000 “Project IC citizens” and about 200,000 of them were on the state electoral roll.

If we thought the bulk of corruption in the logging industry
was over with the charges against Musa Aman and the removal of Sam Mannan from
office, we were wrong. The former
State Conservator of Forests for Sabah, Sam has been followed by accusations of
corruption, and long been a controversial figure – he held his post for close
to twenty years, and approved many questionable logging operations. Sam was
known for allegedly trying to push out native people from forest land, accusing
them of causing destruction to the forests with their way of life, re-zoning
forests for palm oil, and issuing timber licenses to cronies.

there were questionable practices going on in Sabah, and that is where the MACC
comes in – probably invited by the new state government who have their own
reasons for getting rid of people loyal to BN. Sam Mannan was considered one of
Musa’s close associates – and is probably the reason Sam held the post for
almost twenty years. How convenient to have someone in place who can issue
timber licenses and logging approvals at any time.

With the recent
fiasco involving late June salary payment to the 1,200-odd Sabah Forest
Industries (SFI) employees, it would not be surprising for the employees to
have completely lost faith in Grant Thornton Consulting’s (GTC), management of
SFI’s affairs. GTC is the Receiver Manager appointed to manage the affairs of

Being incapable
as they appear, it would be increasingly difficult for SFI/GTC to pay salaries
for the subsequent months especially when the quantum of payment could involve
approximately RM3million a month, let alone mandatory contributions, utility
bills, GTC’s consulting fees and other third party/vendors costs. Currently,
the revenue from SFI’s Pulp and Paper Mill is said to be insufficient to meet
the current financial obligations at SFI.

Pada pilihan raya 2018, Yamani bertanding atas tiket UMNO
untuk kerusi parlimen Sipitang. Yamani memenangi kerusi tersebut – dan
seterusnya lenyap dari mata penduduk Sipitang. Di manakah YB pergi? Mengikuti
ayahnya, Musa Aman, yang menghilangkan diri selepas Barisan Nasional gagal
mengekalkan Sabah sebagai kubu kuat pembangkang.

Bekas ketua Pemuda UMNO Sabah ini hanya menunjukkan muka
sekali lagi pada bulan Januari tahun ini apabila terpaksa pulang mengangkat
sumpah di Kuala Lumpur sebelum tempoh yang ditetapkan tamat. Tiada penjelasan
yang diberi untuk kehilangannya selama sembilan bulan itu.