NGO queries the silence by other State leaders

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KENINGAU: Sabah North Borneo Dusun Minamsok Association President Dimie Guntob (pic) called on the Government to act against those in the National Registration Department who provide documents to foreigners in the state.“Those involved in this crime of giving documents to foreigners for money are a threat to the people of Sabah and Malaysia,” he said in a statement.He was commenting on a recent report where a NRD Assistant Register was arrested and charged and another in Semporna for similar offence.“What is the government’s action on the identity card issued by this syndicate since 2013? Will the government revoke all documents that have been issued and approved by those involved? Will the government conduct a detailed inspection (on this issues)? 

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and the police must investigate and find out who is responsible for this crime.“What has been reported in the news lately is just the tip of the ice berg,” he said.He asked why government leaders, especially from (Parti) Warisan remained silent on this issue until now except PKR, Bersatu and Upko.According to him, the people of Sabah felt threatened by the sharp increase in Sabah’s population after the 14th General Election. 

 “Reports also claim that 2.8 million documents, including identity cards and citizenship certificates have been applied for and are in the process of being approved. This is very alarming.“Now that Sabah is surpassing Sarawak’s population drastically, how did these people suddenly become Sabah any?,” he asked.Demie said the presence of these illegal immigrants would affect the security of the State, given that they had different loyalties, did not understand what the Rukun Negara is all about and were from a violent background.He said those who obtained such documents would seize the opportunity at the expense of genuine Sabahans on education, employment and native customary land inhabited by the natives of Sabah for hundreds of years, on the grounds that they were also ‘Bumiputra’.“Is it fair that they are illegal immigrants living in Sabah for three, five, six years and can have identity cards and considered Sabah Bumiputra? Some have ownership of customary land compared to Sabah’s indigenous people who have been applying for such land for years but are still without.“Is this the New Sabah that is envisioned by the new Sabah Warisan and Pakatan Harapan (PH) State Government,” Dimie asked. 

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