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Sabah Government Lacks Conscience, Integrity

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The first question the chief minister and his bunch of cabinet ministers should be asked is … where is your dignity and conscience? Saying things just to suit your conscience without regard to the welfare of the people can be likened to being selfish and insensitive to peoples’ needs.

The article published in FMT titled, ‘Warisan-led govt slammed over go-ahead for TAED (Tanjung Aru Eco Development Project) and Papar dam projects’ in FMT not only undermines the state’s integrity but also its commitment to the people of Sabah. This reflects poorly on the entire Shafie Apdal cabinet and it begs one key question… does Shafie and his team have the tenacity and capability to fulfil the needs of the people of Sabah until the next general election?

You must remember such articles are also read by various stakeholders – local and international business communities, most importantly potential investors to the state.

How do you think foreign investors would react to such conflicting news? Either they would be uncertain of the state’s policies and be wary of investing in the state for fear that their investments would be one day ‘taken-away’ by the state government or they would assume that the state would be a ‘push-over’ and they could bulldoze their way into any project  – which then would gain the support of investors, especially from China.

From the sentiments of the people and comments by Peter Anthony, it seems the minister of infrastructure is most glad to ‘take-over’ projects that are in the pipeline and claim credit for all the hard work put in by others. First was the Pan Borneo Highway project, which his ministry is gunning for and now the Papar Dam project and the TAED Project.

What is downright illogical, conflicting and disgusting about the Sabah State Government is that its decisions are inconsistent and subject to U-turns! Take for example the TAED Project – back in 2017 when the present state government was still an opposition party, had vigorously objected to the project. Their decision was a complete U-turn when they came in power last year! Where is the integrity in the state government?


Objection of the development of Tg Aru Eco Development (TAED)

Posted by Christina Liew in kota kinabalu

The PKR Sabah Chairman Christina Liew together with her vice chairman Kenny Chua and her assistant Secretary Sazalye attended the exhibition of the TAED development plans at the DBKK this afternoon.  They lodged their objections with the DBKK on the TAED in particular the locality of the development.

“We welcome any kind of development that will benefit the State’s economy development, providing employments to our locals, promoting our State as one of the tourism hotspot in Malaysia. After all, Sabah, the land below the winds are already one of the favorite spots for the tourists.

However, we strongly object any development projects that may, and likely to, destroy the natural beauty and its environment,  and taking away the existing beautiful beach such as the Tg Aru Beach,  in it’s attempt to turn it into a man made tourism beach couple with hotels and yacht docking facilities for the tourists,  is unacceptable.

Tg Aru Beach is a favourite place among the Sabahan. Many of the Sabahan especially the residents from Kota Kinabalu and other areas had fond memory of the beaches in Tg Aru. Why destroy it’s natural beauty and turn it into a man made beach by the reclamation of the seat front?……. ends

The same happened with Sabah Forest Industries when Christina Liew, who was still an opposition party then made promises to help the employees when she got into power. But what happened? When she became the government of the day and was appointed deputy chief minister of Sabah, she completely ignored the employees and was nowhere to be seen! How unethical? How can people trust such ministers?

What kind of ministers do you have in your cabinet Mr Chief Minister? There should be at least an ounce of integrity in the people you appoint in the state cabinet.         

Unfortunately, you are no different, sir. You were the same person who professed these words – an excerpt from an article titled, “Warisan tak mahu ulangi kesilapan parti terdahulu” published in Berita Harian on May 5, 2019…

And now you are rescinding in your promises, policies to the people to suit your convenience! You are no different from the previous BN government. Once in power, you forget the people.

You feel that because you are the ruling government now, you don’t have to worry about what people have to say on the ground. Well, time will tell and GE15 is not too far away.

If you have what’s left of your integrity, you could perhaps tell every Sabahan the number of new projects that you and your cabinet ministers have mooted or implemented since coming into power more than a year ago. That wouldn’t be too much to ask. 

There seems to be a lot of talk about housing projects, infrastructure projects, take-overs, etc but the public has seen nothing that can be attributed to Warisan Government’s contributions to the people. Perhaps, it’s time for all of you to resign en-bloc!

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