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Sabah Government Not Delivering on Promises

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Despite claims that they would not repeat the mistakes of the previous government, the Warisan-led Sabah government have done little to reassure the people that their leadership has been superior. Despite a wealth of natural resources, Sabah has 50% of the country’s poor and is the second poorest state – and what has been done about Sabah’s problems this past year?

The constitutional amendment to restore equal status to Sabah and Sarawak that was sold as a rallying cry for East Malaysians has resulted in failure. Warisan’s election pledge of returning Labuan to Sabah has gone out the window with Junz Wong, who originally made the statement, refusing to comment on it. They preach environmental concern, yet resuscitate the controversial Papar Dam and TAED projects despite the objections of villagers. Shafie Apdal promised that he would demand Sabah’s oil royalty be increased from 5% to 20%, that too has come to nothing.

If what Warisan says is true and that the mismanagement of the previous state government is to blame for Sabah’s disastrous socio-economic situation, then surely having a government that only has to be competent will result in major visible changes? Yet, all we have seen is more effort in the scapegoating of the previous state government rather than actual change.

What has the Warisan government really achieved to help the Sabah economy in the one year since they have taken over? So far they have only brought back to life two projects mooted by the previous administration – the Tanjung Ara Eco-Development (TAED) and Papar Dam projects. Aside from that, they are attempting to halt the Sabah Forest Industries sale that would have resulted in significant economic and infrastructure for the area. And little has been said on the state of education, livelihood, and utilities throughout Sabah!

How long will they use the excuse of fixing the previous government’s problems to not take action of their own? For Sabah to achieve its potential, a lot of economic growth will need to happen, as soon as possible. A government that contradicts itself, breaks promises, and has nothing to show in a year of ruling doesn’t sound like one that we can rely one to bring Sabah economic glory.

Their words are coming back to bite them.

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