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WARISAN Hypocrisy – The leaders are selfish, caring only for themselves!

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Flashback 2017

Borneo Today, Dec 2 2017
Christina Liew (current PKR Sabah Chief and Deputy Chief Minister) reiterated that as the former owner and currently a shareholder of SFI, the State government has the moral duty to assist these SFI employees.
“She also promised that if PH is voted into power in the next general election, it would provide solutions on how best to turn SFI around, so that it can continue to provide gainful employment to its employees.”
Daily Express, Mar 10 2017
Junz Wong (current Warisan vice president & State Agriculture Minister), accompanied by several party leaders in joining the picket, said the issue should be taken seriously and dealt with urgently by the State Government as it concerns their livelihood.”
“He said unless urgent action is taken, the workers can only stare at a bleak future and the local economy that had long been dependent on SFI operations would be affected as well.”
Borneo Today, Mar 10 2017
Junz Wong said that he had spoken to the workers as well as their union leaders to get a better understanding of the situation, and expressed shock and disgust when told the State government seemed disinterested in their plight.”
Malaysiakini, Mar 9 2017
Junz Wong wrote “It’s so sad and a shame on you, the BN Sabah government.
The Sabah government at the very least should help to be the bridge for the union and the company’s stakeholders to sit down at a round table to iron things out.”

These very same people who fought for the employees of SFI and condemned the ruling party back in 2017, and who are in the government today are silent and doing nothing to help the employees – especially now when they can wield their power.

There has not been a single word of support from them since they became part of the ruling Warisan state government. This is pure hypocrisy!

Do they no longer care about their ‘moral duty’ to help the employees? It is utterly shocking when these very same people, who were voted in by the people who trusted them and to represent them, proceed to ignore the needs of the people. It appears they are merely puppets in the Sabah Cabinet.

Little do Christina Liew and Junz Wong realise that their actions will create negative perceptions about themselves, the political party they represent, and the Warisan state government. What comes to mind is insincerity, irresponsible and unreliability. Confidence in them, their political parties and the state government is already eroding. So far, they and the Sabah Government have shown nothing to prove that they can deliver.

Such leaders are a sheer waste of taxpayers’ money and there is little or no benefit to the people of Sabah in general. How can the people put their trust in them or the government after this obvious betrayal? Ask yourselves, do the people of Api-Api and Tanjung Aru still have confidence in the abilities of their leaders?

This was just about Christina Liew and Junz Wong. What about the rest of the Sabah cabinet? Are the ministers in the cabinet credible and capable?

Show the people of Sabah some compassion. The state is already suffering from the highest numbers in unemployment rates in Malaysia. Don’t make it worse by just keeping silent.

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